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Tips for drivers

See how the upgraded Esso™ Key to the Highway™ card and expanded Esso Commercial Cardlock™ network make it easier than ever to fuel your fleet.

Safe fuelling tips

Safety is the number one concern at every Esso Commercial Cardlock site. Because of the potential dangers involved when dispensing petroleum products, we encourage you to take at least the same care that you would when filling up your personal vehicle at home.

Please follow these safe fuelling tips:

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Turn off your vehicle’s ignition and then place it in gear and engage the brakes.

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Take note of the location of fire extinguishers and shut-off switches near the fuelling island. Take a moment to read and understand their instructions. Locate the telephone and posted emergency contact numbers.

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Best practice is to use appropriate gloves while fuelling.

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To begin fuelling, squeeze the nozzle handle by hand. Be aware that fuel dispensers operate at high pressure. Where permitted by law, you can use the nozzle hold-open clip to keep fuel flowing. NEVER jam the fuel nozzle open with a fuel tank cap or other device, which can lead to a fuel spill.

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DO NOT leave the nozzle unattended while fuelling.

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DO NOT smoke; ensure there are no open flames or other potential sources of electrical spark or ignition within 7.5 meters of a fuelling location.

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DO NOT fill your tank to the very top; allow some room for the fuel to expand.

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If you are filling portable fuel containers, ensure they are CSA-or ULC approved. Always fill approved portable containers on the ground.

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Try to remove any kinks from the hose, and return the nozzle to the hanger on the pump before you drive away.

Should a fuel spill occur while fuelling at a cardlock site, please report it immediately to the cardlock attendant (if applicable) and to the appropriate government agency. If there is no cardlock attendant on site, please contact the Customer Support Centre at 800-264-9495.

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Weather forecast

To ensure you reach your destination safely, map out your route and know the weather conditions before you set out.

Environment Canada
US National Weather Service

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