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Esso travel centre and cardlock locations

Travel centres offer meals, restrooms, store, showers, parking and more
Cardlocks sell diesel fuel, usually bulk DEF, and sometimes more

British Columbia
Nova Scotia
The Esso cardlock network consists of more than 160 Esso cardlocks and travel centres located in seven provinces across Canada. When fuelling at Esso™ cardlock truck stops and travel centres across Canada, the trucks in your fleet will benefit from being filled with trusted, top-quality Esso-branded diesel or gasoline, or Diesel Efficient™ fuel at selected truck stop locations. The Esso Key to the Highway fleet card gives you access to all Esso truck stops in Canada, plus more than 9,000 non-Esso truck stops in the United States.
To learn more about other Esso products and services for businesses and consumers, visit the Imperial Oil website.